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Persephone is a Paladin Of The Church Of The Raven Queen. 


The Dynasty of Vaergo, The House of The Last Moon can trace it’s heritage for a few thousands of years.  Although peculiar in their ways the Vaergo family were loved by their servants and townsmen, whom saw them as strange but innocent enough.

The head of the House, Count Curwen was known for both his brilliance and madness. His family, whom loved him too greatly to refuse him, overlooked his obsessive behaviour and manner of weird ticks but no one loved him more than his niece Persephone, for she found his odd ways very amusing.

For years he obsessed with the teachings of alchemy, turning water into wine, paper to gold and showing off his new tricks to the grandchildren while his wife Domitia looked on affectionately.  

But his kind nature turned sour when she fell ill in the winter of her 84th year.  The shadow of a reaper hung over her and it affected Curwen greatly. He became serious and cold, snapping at the handmaidens for the smallest of things.

He would lock himself away, reading old and dusty books, spending hours reading maps of the land, refusing to eat or sleep. Persephone had taken to bringing him meals herself in the small hope of convincing him to eat but even her charm could not stray him from his studies.

Once night Curwen arose Persephone in the late hours, stating that he needed her to ride out to the dock and pick up a package for him, she keenly agreed.

The package large and weighty, a book of some kind, smelled sickly sweet of chemicals and made Persephone’s stomach feel heavy. It filled her with dread to hold but it made her mad old uncle happy enough and that was good enough for her.

Soon, Domitia became better, as if the veil of sickness had lifted off of her and the reaper’s shadow had faded. Curwen’s mood improved greatly although he continued to lock himself away, studying for days at a time.

As the years passed nothing could penetrate the happiness of the Vaergo House. Not a single family member had fallen ill or perished in many a year and no one, not even the children had seemed to age.  “A blessing from the God’s” Domitia would cry but even she could not hide the confusion and panic in her voice.

Persephone had grown fearful. Once or twice she had seen sailors sneak foul smelling barrels into the manor in the middle of the night. The servants had started to disappear, only in small numbers but the towns people had begin to talk and it had become difficult for Persephone to hide the horns which had slowing became to protrude from her head.

The once faithful townsmen had become hostile and there was talk of necromancy in the air. Human soldiers were brought in to hold back the mobs but there was little the Vaergo’s could do to settle them, even the soldiers were questionable in their motives and they had soon started to turn against the family.Year by year the Vaergo family became more and more reclusive until the day they locked the gates all together.

One night Persephone awoke to the smell of burning. It took a while to shake away the haze of sleep but soon she would notice the screams. The Vaergo house was alight, covered in flames and smoke. All was lost that day, the great manor, the family material wealth and the family. The mothers and fathers, sons, daughters, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews, all now a memory of what once was a great House. All that remained was Curwen and Persephone and so deep were they in their grief that they were even lost to each other.

They relocated leaving their name and heritage behind for now they were Tieflings. She never spoke of the great fire nor ask why they were marked for sin.

Curwen was inconsolable; he obsessed with the family deaths and moved the bodies to their new humbler lodgings against Persephone’s will. Each day he would walk among the graves, counting. He met with men of questionable honour and stockpiled more foul smelling barrels and wherever he went, he carried that horrid book. Persephone had grown to hate it.

“Soon” he promised her they would be happy again just like they had but he was no longer the man she loved but rather an imposter wearing his name.

She returned from a walk one winter’s night to find him heaped on the floor in the snow among a mass of open graves. Slowing he rocked, cuddling that book to his chest, his Necronomicon, whispering to himself “it didn’t work”.  What didn’t work she asked for he was cold and filthy, his hands covered in mud. Dread washed over her body and she already knew.

There was a faint set of cries from the basement, the pain and anguish sound of what shouldn’t be. She raced to the source and soon enough was confronted by the monstrous fruit of unhallowed rites and deeds called up by hellish incantation. What was once the mothers and fathers, sons, daughters, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews of the Vaergo house was now blasphemic masses of flesh and matter reanimated against the God’s Will.

They pleaded for the sweet relief of death and Persephone gave it to them. With no more than a broom handle she ended the unnatural lives of the Vaergo’s and yet again they met their fate.  She took the handle and confronted Curwen, her once belonged uncle and ended his suffering too.

She pried the Necronomicon from his ridged fingers, ripping out the pages and throwing them on the fire. She watched it burn; the very pages that had given her an expended life and she felt each page kindle as it ripped the unnatural life-force from her body. 

Once it was done, she stumbled into the woods and fell among the snow. Her life began to leave her and she was one with the cold. Her skin and hair turned blue and her eyes black, all night she sat there and yet death did not come.

In the early hours of the morning a wayward traveller found Persephone half dead and took her to the nearest village. The traveller explained that he was a paladin of the Church Of The Raven Queen and that their meeting wasn’t by chance. He taught her his ways and she made them her own. He told her about the evils of the book, which had destroyed her life but he didn’t need to for she knew all about the Necronomicon, she knew it was her fate to destroy all copies, for herself, for her family and for The Raven Queen.


Persephone seeks to destroy every copy of the Necronomicon and to end the lives of those who are brought back by it.

Personal InfoEdit

Race: Tiefling

Class: Paladin                

Diety: The Raven Queen                    

Age: 100+ (Unknown)                                

Height: 6"                                    

Weight: 160 lbs                                   

Size: M                                  

Vision: Low light

Languages: Common, Supernal                 

Proficiency: Scimitar

Alignment: Unaligned                      

Allies: Dragauter, Hanky

Foes: Ink


HP: 40                          11 Healing Surges

AC: 22                           FORT: 15                   REF: 13               WILL: 15

Strength: 16 (+3)               Dexterity: 11 (+0)                       Intelligence: 12 (+1)

Constitution: 13 (+1)          Wisdom: 12 (+1)                        Charisma: 16 (+3)


Acrobatics: -2                     Arcana: +2                  Athletics: +1               Bluff: +6

Diplomacy: +9                    Dungeoneering: +2     Endurance: -1            Heal: +2

History: +7                           Insight: +2                   Intimidate: +9             Nature: +2

Perception: +2                     Religion: +7                 Stealth: -1                 Streetwise: +4

Theivery: -2


Weapon Proficiency - Scimitar                        

Raven Queen's Blessing 


Enfeebling Strike                                 Bolstoing Strike                              Fearsome Smite

Staggering Smite                                 On Pain Of Death                          Scared Circle

Armour and WeaponsEdit

Plate Armour                              

Big Shield Covered With Dragon Skin

Scimitar Coated With Poison 

Holy Symbol - Raven Queen



S.A.K.                                                                            Gold: 4

Empty backpack              Flint & Steel                          Trail Rations (10 days)            2 Sunrods

Bedroll                             Empty Pouch Belt                 Soft Hempen Rope                  Waterskin


Lamas Bread (2 rations)                    

1x Mug            

4x Rags              

9x Bottles Of Spirits

1x Beer

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