An Elf Rogue with no knowledge of her true parentage, D'Anna is dangerous as she is mysterious.


D'Anna is an orphan - as far as she knows - she was raised by humans from a young age, after being found roaming the woods alone as a child.  While those who cared for her were decent enough, others were not so kind.  Distrusted by all in the village, D'Anna quickly learnt to trust no one but herself.

As soon as she came of age, by human terms, D'Anna took what belongings she had and left her childhood home to find out what she could about her Elven family.  Her travels saw her visit many places gathering what information she could, but with no success currently.

D'Anna Telamar

A quick learner, D'Anna managed to pick up all the skills she needed to survive on her own through watching and learning.

D'Anna generally prefers her own company, due to her distrust of others built from her isolated childhood, but she will work with others if there reasons and the reasons of the situation are just.

Throughout her journeys, D'Anna found herself drawn to the god Sehanne.  Her ties to the shadows and secrecy have given D'Anna comfort when she has needed it.


D'Anna found herself in The Twice Guilded Lamb in Arundale searching for information, only to be thrown into a brawl with some Goblins.  At the end of this she found unlikely allies in a Human Wizard, a Tiefling Paladin, a Dwarf Ranger and a Dragonborn Warrior.

She is now journeying back from a quest given to them by the Arundale Lawman Gideon.  Having killed and beheaded a young sickly dragon, D'Anna travels with this ragtag group.  Having now made land after fighting off terrible pirates on their ocean voyage south, ready to return to Arundale and received her 200 gold reward.

Personal InfoEdit

Race: Elf                                            Age: 29

Class: Rogue                                     

Height: 5'5"                                         Hair Autumn Orange

Weight: 161lbs                                    Eyes: Green

Size: 7 squares                                   Vision: Low light

Languages: Common, Elven               Proficiency: Longbow/Shortbow

Fey Creature - grant non-elf allies within 5 squares +1 perception bonus

Wild Step: Ignore difficult terrain                               Alignment: Unaligned

Personality: Self-assured, Suspicious                       Diety: Sehanne

Dire Straits: Steady, Driven, Patient

Decision: Adaptable, Flexible, Stern


HP: 43                               9 Healing Surges

AC: 14                     FORT:14                         REF: 16                     WILL: 12

Strength: 12 (+1)                 Dexterity: 16 (+3)                          Intelligence: 11 (+0)

Constitution: 16 (+3)            Wisdom: 12 (+1)                           Charisma: 13 (+1)


Acrobatics: +5                     Arcana: +1                  Athletics: +5               Bluff: +1

Diplomacy: +1                     Dungeoneering: +1     Endurance: +1           Heal: +1

History: +1                           Insight: +1                   Intimidate: +1             Nature: +2

Perception: +7                     Religion: +1                 Stealth: +6                 Streetwise: +5

Theivery: +5


Elven Precision                         Toughness


Elven Accuracy                                    Sly Floursh                                    Piercing Strike

Dazing Strike                                       Easy Target                                    Tumble

Trickster's Blade

Armour and WeaponsEdit

Leather Armour +2AB                              Short Sword: Prof. +3 Dmg: 1d6

Longbow: Prof. +2 Dmg: 1d10                  60 Arrows                    25 Poison Arrows


S.A.K.                                                                            Gold: 12gp 32sp

Empty backpack              Flint & Steel                          Trail Rations (10 days)            2 Sunrods

Bedroll                             Empty Pouch Belt                 Soft Hempen Rope                  Waterskin


Broken Dagger                          Mug                             Note from Mum excusing Guard Duty

3 lrg bottles of Huntmaster        Dragon's Heart            Lamas Bread (2 rations)  

3 lrg rings with gem stones        Captain Bodybag's Diary

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